For any question or emergency, please call at 450-455-9822.

Is this For you?

The clientele we serve is composed mainly of families whose members place health as their basic value, participate in regular physical activities and maintain good postural hygiene, as well as a healthy lifestyle.

We help each member of these families to relieve their pain or other symptoms, correct their posture and obtain optimal spinal function, and then to maintain optimal health through, amongst others, regular adjustments and physical activity.

With the growing popularity of running, many of our patients practice this activity with passion and commitment. Dr. Lepage being a marathoner himself, our patients arevery confident in the diagnosis and treatment of injuries related to running, in the preparation forlong-distance events or simply to learn how to start running without injury.

If you are looking for a health care professional that can instantly or miraculously relieve your pain without active involvement on your part, we might not be the clinic you are looking for.

Your First Visit

Here is an overview of how your first visit will unfold:

Unpon your arrival, you will complete a short questionnaire so that we can haveyour contact details and an outline ofyour health. During this time, our staff will prepare your patient file.

A few minutes after of your arrival, your chiropractor will be with you andwill begin your examination. Unless exceptional circumstances, there is no waiting time at our clinic.

Your examination will last about thirty minutes. Yourchiropractor will ask you severalquestions, and will examine your posture and spine. He will also conduct all necessary tests to diagnose the reason for which you are consulting, but also your overall health.

Most of the time, your chiropractor will take x-rays. If you already have recent x-rays (films or CD-ROM), bring them with you. We can certainly use them. If they are in another clinic, we will take the proper steps to get them.

You will receive treatment ("adjustment") during your first visit, only if your chiropractor deems it appropriate for your immediate health. Most of the time however, your chiropractorwill take the time to read your x-rays in depth and prepare your patient file before explaining the results to you and makingyour first adjustment.

The fee for your first visit (exam and x-rays) will vary from $ 58 to $ 148.